About Us

Why Choose Us

SR Sports Therapy completing a musculoskeletal injury assessment.

Available in both Lincoln and Gainsborough, we utilise our experience working in professional sport, SR Sports Therapy will look to reduce your pain, improve your function and return you to sport fitter and stronger than ever.

How We Can Help You

Sports Therapy musculoskeletal injury assessment and screening.

It doesn't matter if your injury is work-related, general aches and pains, or a sports injury. At SR Sports Therapy, we utilise techniques, equipment and rehabilitation exercises available to professional athletes to boost your recovery from injury.

See the Difference

Sports massage and dry cupping treatment by SR Sports Therapy.

SR Sports Therapy aims to return you to function better than you were before - fitter, stronger, and more resilient to injury. This might be back to work, normal daily activities or to sport.

Our Services

SR Sports Therapy completing a musculoskeletal injury assessment and screening.

We are able to help out more than just sports injuries. We can assess and deal with most types of musculoskeletal complaints such as lower back pain, and offer services from injury assessment, rehabilitation, sports massage and corporate packages. So click on the link below for more information.

Our Partners

Gainsborough Trinity Football Club and Lincolnshire Football Association business partnerships and affiliations.

If you are a member or affiliate of our partners, you qualify for a discounted rate. Click on the link below to see who our partners are and contact us to find out our discounted rates for all our services including injury assessment & rehabilitation, as well as sports massage.

Lincoln Clinic

Lincoln Clinic SR Sports Therapy

Based at Lincoln Golf Centre, we have a great clinical room available to provide sports massage or assess and treat your injury. On-site there is free parking, a driving range, 9-hole golf course and cafe. 

Gainsborough Clinic

Gainsborough Clinic SR Sports Therapy

Based at Gainsborough Trinity Football Club's Martin & Co Arena, we use the first team medical room to provide both injury rehabilitation and sports massage. Free on-street parking is available, with fans and staff of GTFC receiving a discount.


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